Zero Drone

Power of 5200mAh Li-Po batteries is common feature among all the three drones and you will be provided with atleast twenty five minutes of thrilling flying time. The comfort of using the remote control is greatly enhanced due to ergonomic designing. Don’t let small frame size of light weight Zero […]

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About Drone Los Angeles

Many people have heard about drone Los Angeles, especially at the commercial level. Recently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows the first commercial drone flights to take place in the United States. While this historic event was not one of drone Los Angeles – it happened in Alaska – it […]

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XIRO Xplorer Drone In India

You aspire to become aerial photographer? Your worries are over, just grab this new kid on the block and you are ready to capture lifetime airborne shots. In India, diehard fans of drones are finding XIRO Xplorer the best thing that has happened to the drone industry. XIRO Xplorer Drone […]

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